Vegan Society 英國素食主義者協會

The vegan label from the Vegan Society, or the sunflower label as it is also called, is a registered trademark and an internationally recognized standard for vegan products. The vegan label is your guarantee that the products are made completely without animal ingredients and by-products (such as beeswax (Cera Alba), wool fat from sheep (Lanolin) and honey (Flour)) and that the development and production process for the product takes place without are tested on animals. 

The vegan label was founded by the vegan association, The Vegan Society, in England in 1944 to promote and support a vegan and plant-based lifestyle. Today, thousands of vegan products carry the vegan label - from food to cleaning and beauty products. 

The vast majority of Derma's products are vegan and based on vegetable ingredients. To make it clear to all of you who demand vegan products, we are in the process of getting our wide range of vegan products vegan-certified. Because, like you, we prioritize sustainability, animal welfare and the environment.