AllergyCertified skin care 丹麥低敏認證



AllergyCertified由丹麥創立,其標準由丹麥專家制定,他們檢查每一個產品的所有成分和濃度,確保其對皮膚盡可能溫和和柔軟。 通過AllergyCertified認證,您可以確保:

  • 產品的過敏風險降到最低。一位經驗豐富的毒理學家對產品進行過敏評估
  • 每一個成分都會根據產品中的濃度單獨評估
  • 每一個原材料都會進行檢查
  • 外部實驗室會進行抽樣檢查
  • 產品不含有可能具有激素干擾作用的物質。經驗豐富的毒理學家會對產品進行激素干擾物質評估。 AllergyCertified是歐洲接觸性皮炎學會的成員,並因此保持對皮膚過敏、香水、防腐劑和其他問題物質的最新研究。此外,AllergyCertified還有一個由歐洲和美國的三名成員組成的諮詢委員會,他們都專注於特定成分和過敏。 更多信息請訪問。

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All Derma's products are - in addition to being recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic - also allergy certified by AllergyCertified.* 

AllergyCertified is an international allergy brand that certifies cosmetics, make-up, diapers and hygiene products worldwide. The goal is to make it easier for you as a consumer to buy allergy-friendly, regardless of where in the world you live. AllergyCertified's motto reads: One world - one label. AllergyCertified is founded in Denmark, and the criteria are drawn up by Danish experts who check all ingredients and concentrations of each individual product and ensure that it is as mild and gentle to the skin as possible. 

With AllergyCertified, you can be sure that:
• There is the lowest possible risk of allergies. An experienced toxicologist has assessed the product for allergies
• Each individual ingredient is assessed individually – based on the concentration in the product
• Each individual raw material is examined
• Spot checks are carried out by an external laboratory
• The product does not contain substances suspected of having hormone-disrupting effects. An experienced toxicologist has assessed the product for hormone-disrupting substances.

AllergyCertified are members of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis and thereby stay up-to-date on the latest research in skin allergies, perfumes, preservatives and other problematic substances. In addition, AllergyCertified has an advisory board of three members from Europe and the USA, all of whom specialize in specific ingredients and allergies.

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With the exception of Derma's self-tanner, which cannot be labeled for allergies.*