Asthma Allergy Nordic - the Nordic allergy label 北歐防哮喘認證

All Derma's products are - in addition to being AllergyCertified - also recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic*.

Asthma Allergy Nordic is the joint Nordic asthma allergy brand, which the three patient organizations: Asthma-Allergi Danmark, Asthma och Allergi Förbundet in Sweden and Norway's Asthma and Allergy Association, stand behind. The brand makes it easy for you as a consumer to find the allergy-friendly products. You only need to look for one and the same allergy brand, regardless of whether you shop in Denmark, Sweden or Norway or the rest of the world. 

Asthma Allergy Nordic is your guarantee that experts have reviewed the product's ingredient list and assessed that it does not contain substances that have a particular risk of allergy. Therefore, the risk - according to the latest research - is minimal for the development of allergies. When you choose Derma, you minimize the risk of skin allergies and allergic reactions.

Derma - Asthma Allergy Nordic

Derma was the first skin care range in Denmark to achieve both Asthma-Allergy Denmark's label, Den Blå Krans, and the Nordic environmental label, Swan label. And we are proud of that.
Asthma Allergy Nordic is your guarantee for:
• Minimal risk of allergy
• The list of ingredients must be approved by Asthma-Allergy Denmark
• No perfume
• No substances with a particular risk of allergy

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With the exception of Derma's self-tanner, which cannot be labeled for allergies.*