Certification 國際認證

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如今,這些產品還獲得了AllergyCertified的過敏認證,並受到Asthma Allergy Nordic的推薦。我們大部分產品也獲得了Ecocert/COSMOS的有機認證,並且100%純素。




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Derma was the first complete skin care range where all products carry the Nordic environmental label, the Swan label, and Asthma-Allergi Denmark's label. Today, the products are also allergy labeled by AllergyCertified and recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic. A large number of the products are also organically certified by Ecocert/COSMOS and 100% vegan. Read about the individual certifications below. 

"In terms of allergy prevention, it is crucial to start eliminating triggers and seize the key moment before the age of 5."

"Allergies can be triggered! " Some babies are born with allergies, while others develop them due to external factors such as environment and food. Therefore, not only do babies with sensitive skin need to choose their personal care products carefully, every baby should use natural, organic, low-allergenic products that do not contain endocrine-disrupting or hormonal ingredients.